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Our Story

It was the year 1988 when DECOR was founded by James Storgato. The original sole-proprietor trading company took a different path in 1993, when a business transformation process finally turned it into a paper and tissue manufacturer. With the introduction of PAPER CUTLERY HOLDERS - at that time an innovative product for the restaurant sector – we had made it a long way since assembling and operating our first paper-converting machines in a home garage!

Our growing success soon allowed us to move our operations to a larger site, where production increased over the years and our range of products was extended with the introduction of PAPER PLACEMATS.

decor srl sede signoressaThe new millennium once again saw a business transformation plan which led DECOR to become what it is today. Our own line of products and wholesales network were established in 2001.

The following year, a continuous quest for innovative products resulted in the first STRAW PAPER CUTLERY BAG, soon paired with a STRAW PAPER PLACEMAT. The growing demand for this coarser, higher-grammage paper compared to traditional white paper was crucial to our future plans.

A new entry was added to DECOR’s products offer in 2007: the 5-colour FASHION LINE, only available in the 35x50 cm format. Today, this same line offers a palette of 14 colours, 3 different placemat formats and the RUNNER format option. In 2010 and 2011 DECOR achieved two additional milestones that became crucial for the company’s future development.

DECOR first converted its operations into a limited liability company and subsequently opened up its new, current 4,000 m2 premises in Signoressa di Trevignano. The company’s new “home” has witnessed DECOR’s most recent innovations: wet wipes, food straw paper, deep-fried food paper cones, sandwich bags and, more recently, the new line of PAPER TABLECLOTHS and RUNNERS.


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