Dispenser napkins and sugar bags

Suitable for any kind of place
For cafes, bakeries, ice-cream shops

Bar dispenser napkins

Essential in cafés, pastry shops, ice cream shops, bars...

Decor dispenser napkins are made of white embossed tissue paper.

  • Standard size cm 17x17
  • Cm 17x25 size available on request
  • Customizable product in 1 or 2 colours starting from 120,000 pieces
Printed sugar packets

Sugar bags

Sachets of caster or brown sugar are among the most used elements in cafés, restaurants etc. Each box can be assorted with up to 20 different graphics and, to avoid waste, you can adjust (on request) the amount of sugar contained in each packet.

  • Single dose bags with generic printing
  • Made of poly coated paper, they are 5x6.2 cm in size and contain 5 gr of product
  • Customizable product for minimum 100 kg (10 cartons)

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