Paper placemats

Heavy or light, smooth or embossed, plain or decorated...
Enhance and differentiate your table

Paper mats coloured paper

FASHION Line paper placemats are made from selected, high-quality, pulp-dyed recycled paper. The particular treatment makes this product rustic and at the same time modern. Choose the colours you like from the 11 available, the size you prefer from the 3 available and match them with the cutlery bag most suitable for your local.

  • Customizable with a MOQ of 6,000 pieces
  • 11 colours available
  • Available in 3 different sizes: cm 30x40 - 33x44 - 35x50
  • Grammage: 80 gr m²
Quality on your table
TOP Line

Placemats smooth white paper

TOP Line placemats are characterized by refined, original and colourful graphics, covering the full surface of the placemat. The high grammage of this paper allows not to emboss it. Make your local lively with quality.

  • Customizable with a MOQ of 6,000 pieces

  • 15 different designs available

  • Grammage: 80 gr m²

A rustic success

Placemats yellow straw paper

PAGLIA Line placemats are made recycled paper, plain or printed, perfect for any type of place. A successful product that Decor first proposed in the world of catering.

  • Customizable with a MOQ of 6,000 pieces

  • Available neutral and in 4 different generic graphics (cm 30x40 - 70 gr m²)

  • The plain version cm 30x40 is also available in 100 gr m² (not customizable)

A stylish but cheap product

Placemats white embossed paper

The placemats of the CLASSIC Line are the pleasant and economical alternative, to make your local lively, with an excellent value for money.

  • Customizable with a MOQ of 6,000 pieces
  • Available neutral in sizes cm 30x40 - 35x50
  • 11 different designs available in size cm 30x40
  • Grammage: 42 gr m² embossed
For an eco-friendly table
Ecograss Line

Placemats ecograss paper

ECOGRASS paper placemats are made of 100% recyclable and ecologic paper. This type of paper allows a reduction of CO2 emissions of 75% compared to other papers. It contains up to 40% of virgin grass fibres from urban green areas mowing. This gives it a pleasant tactile feeling and a light scent of grass.

  • Customizable with a MOQ of 6,000 pieces

  • Available in 3 sizes cm 30x40 - 33x44 - 35x50

  • High grammage: 90 gr m²

  • Eco-friendly paper with great aesthetic appeal

The cheap alternative


Coloured paper placemats

This type of paper comes from recycled material that is then coloured to the dough. It differs from the most important FASHION Line for the lower grammage, and the quality of recycling used.

  • It has the same characteristics of traditional straw paper, including the weight of 70 gr m²
  • Product available only in Cm 30x40 size
  • Colours available: CREMA, CENERE, AMARANTO, ARDESIA
  • Customizable on request for minimum of 200,000 pieces

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